Stains on shirts


Collar dirt
Problem: dirt on the shirt collar (also called collar bacon) can be eg removed with a solvent based detergent. Dirt in front of the washing simply rub with dishwashing liquid and leave to soak

Remove chewing gum
Try it once with cold. Put your shirt in the freezer, the freezer or you treat the stain with cold spray. In many cases, the chewing gum can be removed easily brush off the residue. Please caution on delicate fabrics.

Ballpoint pen stain remove
This can happen before. An opportunity is the use of hair spray. Spraying the stain on your shirt and let the hair spray to dry well. Then brush. Usually works.

Blood stains
Put on a cold salt water and soak your shirt in it for several hours. Then pour in the washing machine and press the thumb. If the stains are new to simply wash with cold water and detergent.

Red wine stains
Try it with gall soap. The stain on the shirt with gall soap lather nicely and rub and soap and rub away for so long until the stain is.