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How to press a shirt

First of all, set up the ironing board on a flat and solid floor in front of you and make sure that the ironing board's ironing pad is absolutely smooth. Check the label on your shirt for the level at which it can be ironed. This is indicated by one, two or, at the highest level, three dots. If the tag is washed out or gone, iron your shirt on setting one to be on the safe side. With denim shirts, however, the level at which they can be ironed plays a subordinate role.

Now set the iron to the required level and place the collar of your shirt, inside out, on the ironing board in front of you. Begin ironing the collar flat, being careful not to let the iron sit still on the fabric for too long as this could result in burns.
Once you have successfully mastered this step, turn the collar inside out and iron this side flat as well.

The next thing to look at is the lower part of the sleeves, also known as the cuffs. These are ironed one after the other, just like the collar, first from the inside and then from the outside. It is particularly important that the transition from the cuffs to the thinner arm fabric is pulled taut to avoid unnecessary folds.

The sleeves are next in line. Place one sleeve in front of you and tighten it. With a slow motion, iron straight from the cuffs to the shoulder area. Repeat this process for both sleeves and both sides until the desired result is achieved.

Particular attention should be paid to the front of the shirt. Please first place the side with the button placket on the ironing board and iron here as well as with the sleeves.
But leave the button bar untouched. If the shirt has a breast pocket, go over it slowly with the iron without shaking.

The most important thing is done now. The back is ironed like the front, only here the tightening is even more important. If you have a wrinkle-free result, button the shirt and iron between the buttons with the tip of your iron, applying some pressure.