Overview of the various forms of collar men's shirts

Kent-collar (or folding down collar)

The Kent-collar is a little spread and named as Klassical Shirt Collar. This collar shape is very well known and will want to wear. The classic version of the Kent collar is produced with collar stiffeners that allow the collar to look neat.

New Kent-collar
The New Kent-collar is the modern version of the Kent-collar. The collar is a little more spread out than the Kent-collar and collar that sits between the shark and spread collar.

Cutaway collar
The shark collar is a modern, stylish collar. The extreme version of the shark collar is spread up to 165 degrees and is therefore ideally suited for large tie knot, such as the Windsor knot. The shark like the collar is usually delivered with spread collar collar stiffeners.

Button-down collar
The button-down collar is a sporty collar. Collar stiffeners are not necessary because the legs are collar buttoned to the shirt. The collar is fixed as durable and still looks good. In general, the opinion is expressed that the button-down collar should not be worn with a suit and not the double-breasted suit.

Tab collars
The tab collars has a narrow spread and is therefore only worn a tie. The ends of the collar is buttoned or attached via zipper below the tie knot.

Stand-up collar
The collar is not very widespread and is usually only worn on festive affairs or so-called tuxedo shirts.

Parricide collar
The origin of the parricide collar found in France in the 19th Century, and preferably in the 30's carried into the tails. The parricide collar is unbuttoned to a collarless shirt, is very rigid and therefore not very comfortable to wear.

Wing collar
The wing collar is a form of parricide collar. The collar points of parricide collar are folded over.

(All information subject to change)