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Overview of the various forms of collar men's shirts

The Kent collar is only slightly spread and is known in the traditional sense as a classic shirt collar. This collar shape is very common and is often worn. The most classic version of the Kent collar is produced with collar stiffeners that keep the collar looking neat.

The New Kent collar is the modern version of the Kent collar. The collar is spread a little more than the Kent collar and is located between a cutaway collar and a Kent collar.

The cutaway collar is a modern, fashionable collar. The extreme version of the shark collar is spread up to 165 degrees and is therefore ideal for large tie knots such as the Windsor knot. Like the Kent collar, the cutaway collar is usually delivered with collar stiffeners.

The button-down collar is a sporty collar. Collar stiffeners are not necessary here as the collar legs are buttoned to the shirt. The collar is permanently fixed and always looks good. In general, the opinion is held that the button-down collar should not be worn with a suit and should never be worn with a double-breasted suit.

The tab collar has a narrow spread and is therefore only worn with a tie. The ends of the collar are buttoned or fixed under the tie knot with a snap fastener.

The stand-up collar is not very common and is usually only worn for festive occasions or with so-called dress shirts.

The origin of the parricide collar can be found in France in the 19th century and was preferably worn with tails until the 1930s. The parricide collar is buttoned onto a collarless shirt, is very stiff and therefore not very comfortable to wear.

The wing collar is a variant of the parricide collar. The collar tips of the parricide collar are folded over.