MARVELIS shirts body fit extra long sleeve

Welcome to – your expert for stylish men’s clothing! Discover our exclusive collection of shirts from the renowned brand Marvelis, which are specially designed in the Body Fit cut with an extra long arm of 69 cm, as opposed to the traditional sleeve length of 64 cm.
MARVELIS shirts in body fit with extra long sleeves: perfect fit, elegance and comfort

Immerse yourself in the world of Marvelis and experience shirts that not only meet the highest standards of quality and design, but also set standards in terms of fit and wearing comfort. Our body-fit shirts hug your silhouette perfectly, emphasize your masculine contours and give you a self-confident charisma.

The special feature: extra long arm (69 cm)

For men who are looking for shirts with a longer sleeve length, we proudly present our Marvelis shirts with an extra long sleeve of 69 cm. Not only do we set fashionable accents, but we also offer an ideal solution for those who find the usual sleeve length of 64 cm to be too short. Our shirts ensure an optimal fit and give you the perfect look for every occasion.
Your advantages at a glance:

Stylish design: Marvelis shirts are characterized by timeless elegance and are perfect companions for business meetings, festive occasions and everyday life.

Body Fit: Emphasize your figure and rely on a modern, body-hugging fit that also ensures freedom of movement.

Extra long sleeve: With a sleeve length of 69 cm, we offer the optimal solution for men who are looking for shirts with a longer sleeve length.

High-quality materials: Marvelis stands for quality. Our shirts are made from high-quality materials that feel comfortable on the skin.

Discover our exclusive selection of Marvelis shirts on now and find your new favorite shirt with a body fit and extra long sleeves. Rely on style, quality and comfort – order today!