Jersey Shirt Shop

Jersey shirts from are the perfect combination of fashion and comfort. Shirts you can wear 24/7. A garment for every day and every occasion.

Jersey shirts wear like a t-shirt, only better, are very comfortable and breathe with you. The fabrics are odour-inhibiting, dry quickly and are easy to iron.

You'll notice the difference as soon as you try it. The shirts are easy to wear even on long working days.

Jersey shirts have many advantages. The shirts can be combined as desired. For business, after work or in your free time and on festive occasions.

Help yourself from different styles. Plain, printed or seasonal colors. The material composition is single jersey with a dynamic elastane content.

That's why jersey shirts convince with maximum freedom of movement and shape retention.

It is also interesting that jersey is permeable to air and moisture can escape. Because of this, jersey is breathable and dries very quickly.

Our jersey shirts are characterized by very good care properties. The shirts are easy to iron and offer a self-smoothing effect triggered by your own body heat. Great, is not it? and that's why you can usually even do without ironing.

Other great properties are an antibacterial and odor-inhibiting finish. This is another reason why the shirts are a good choice for a bike ride to the office.

The shirts are available in different cuts.

We will be happy to help you find the right size.